Autumn on the table

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Happy Friday everyone, I find that Mondays and Tuesdays go really slowly then the rest of the week rushes by and its Friday again. If you're looking for a little bit of creativity this weekend then I really recommend getting yourself some pumpkins/squashes/gourds and make an autumn display. This display literally took minutes - I picked the little squashes up in Aldi and the Patty Pans were from the veg patch (we since eaten them!) and then added a few candles, leaves and flowers. I love how it changes throughout the week, I add and take away as the leaves and flowers fade. 
If you're looking for a few more seasonal projects then I really recommend some of these...

Soy Candles - guaranteed to bring some 'Hygge' into your home, these candles are SO easy to make 

How to lay a table - Buy some pumpkins and go all out setting the table for dinner, it'll make you feel all cosy!

Rope and brooch necklace - Darker days need more sparkle, this necklace is still one of my favourites.

Apple cake - This cake was one of the highlights from last year the sugar and cinnamon make the house small amazing (scroll to the bottom of the post for he recipe).
Have a great weekend everyone, I'm going to try and get some bulbs planted, jumpers dyed and a few walls painted. A special thanks to my BFF's dad, Jules for the log - I promise to take better pictures of it soon, maybe he could write a DIY for us?! xx

a colourful first birthday

I can't believe it was almost a month has passed since we celebrated Stanley's first birthday. I wanted to share the really simple colourful decorations I used. I literally had an hour to decorate and this included picking up the cake! First I made a banner using Ikea drawing paper, I simply painted the birthday message and then cut it into a point and folded the top over some string so I could hang up. I then pulled out all my colourful decorations from my party box and draped around the room, using the existing picture hooks a connectors. If your room isn't mid renovation, then you could use command strips instead. 
I bought the stars and bunting whilst in Mallorca this summer and the honeycomb garland in Hema about five years ago. I have just been 'researching' alternatives and the whole selection in Hema is fantastic, really reasonably priced and they now deliver in the UK which they weren't doing last time I checked - you can get everything you need for around ten pounds. I case you were wondering I used two star garlands, one 10 metre length of bunting and one honeycomb garland (which I think was about 6 metres long). 

Two other short cuts which I 100% recommend are buying helium balloons, Stanley loves them plus they make the whole celebration just a bit more special and buying a cake. I'm never making a birthday cake again, I ordered a beautiful blueberry and buttermilk cake from one of my favourite cafes  and topped with a one and star from Meri Meri. Buying a cake took the stress out of the whole day, it looked good and tasted amazing which meant I wasn't stressing and could enjoy the occasion, its not everyday your baby turns one.  
I won't lie, Dan and I had more disagreements about how to celebrate than we did organising our whole wedding. My advice to any of you Mama's with a first birthday coming up is to keep it simple and buy a cake, always buy a cake! 

How to paint a metal bed

Friday, 14 October 2016

Keeping with this weeks resting theme here is a gentle weekend project. I'd been putting painting this metal bed off for almost a year as I thought it was going to be so difficult. I even went as far as getting quotes for someone else to do but with answers ranging from £200 - £1000 I thought I'd bite the bullet and have a go myself. Turns out it was really simple, it took me a leisurely day (including drying time) here's how...
Step 1. Using a fine grain sandpaper give the frame a light sand and then clean with a damp cloth.
Step 2. Using a small paint brush, give the frame a light coat of multipurpose primer and leave to dry. 

Step 3. Apply a coat of metal paint (I used Farrow and Ball in Wevet) leave to dry and then paint another layer. You might want to to give a third coat depending on the original state of the base. Leave to dry completely then assemble the bed.

See so easy! I have been changing my bedroom around over the summer and this bed has been the perfect addition. I have gone for a really tranquil colour scheme in this room if I was going for something lively then I'd definitely been tempted to paint the frame a really bright colour. Have a great weekend everyone. x

Inspired, October

Monday, 10 October 2016

I can't believe we're already ten days into the month, I meant to have this post up last week but I really needed a rest. The older Stanley is getting the less time I have to do anything Dan works thirteen hour days so I'm on my own most of the time - I try my best to juggle the everyday with our on going renovations plus a few freelance projects that come my way but lately its all caught up with me and I needed a bit of down time. I'm feeling better for a rest plus I've almost finished our dining room which signals the end of major renovations - woo hoo (insert 20,000 smiley faces)!
Magazine tears are still my favourite way to get inspired - no algorithms to decide what you should see - just a natural selection of images that spark the imagination. I love these simple cosy candle filled tables with bright accents of exotic blues and explosive pinks. I've finally got my dining table back so hope to pull together an autumn display using these gorgeous colours and textures. 
With October being the first month of the gardening year, I plan to get outside, plant bulbs and tend to my tiny seedlings. I have an abundance of poppies coming through plus a few others (I can't remember exactly what I have sown!) which is super exciting - I normally dread this time of year but getting prepped for next summer definitely keeps my spirits up. I'm also taking this photography class at the weekend, it's been on my wish list for a while and I'm really looking forward to doing something different and something just for me. I hope you're having a good month so far. xx 

Summer 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

This summer has been a special one, both fast and slow if that makes sense. Last year when I was shuffling up to London all huge and pregnant I made a promise to myself that I'd enjoy every summer I could not being office bound. Days have slipped by in a mixture of routine - breakfast, nap, lunch, nap, dinner, bedtime and adventures big and small. Whilst there have been no fancy trips to far flung places I've made the most of living by the sea, being in the garden and getting to explore some really beautiful parts of England. Having had nearly all my photos stolen when we were burgled back in May. I've been snapping away and most importantly printing pictures so I can remember these happy days. 

Above - Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds - one of the prettiest villages I've ever seen.

Top - Shoebury East Beach, this is one of my favourite local beaches - wild and full of sea glass treasures.

Middle - Chalkwell Beach, when the days were too hot to be outside I'd take Stanley either for breakfast or a crawl before dinner.

Bottom - Chasing the light around the house, playing with flowers, adding new charity shop treasures to my collections and home renovations. 

Top - Cotswold Lavender, Broadway - my best friend got married this summer so we made a week of exploring the Cotswolds. The wedding was of course beautiful and so were the surrounding villages. We just managed to see the lavender fields before they were cut. 

Bottom - West Wittering Beach, Chichester - At the beginning of September we went to The South Downs with Dan's mum and brother. It was another beautiful part of the UK that I had never been to before. I didn't take many photos as it rained the whole time but I got a shot of these beach huts just as the light switched from summer to Autumn. 

I normally dread the seasons changing but I'm feeling ready to embrace Autumn. Have a super weekend everyone. xx 


Friday, 23 September 2016

Do you find your sources of inspiration changing with the seasons? I definitely do, in summer it's all about the colours of the sky, the light reflecting on the sea and of course blooming flowers in the garden. Now that Autumn is really starting to show itself I find myself looking online, pulling tears from magazines or heading to the shops for an inspiration fix. I spent a very happy Saturday with my best friend last week, we window shopped around Mayfair, went to see David Hockney at the Royal Academy and pottered around Fortum and Mason (mainly looking for the loo but getting majorly side tracked by hats, scarves, the Christmas Shop and men's socks). After a few weeks of routine it was so good to have a break away - I could feel my mind soaking up all the new sights. One mini trend I noticed is the return of the silk scarf, casually knotted or luxuriously wrapped it's made me pull out my silk scarf collection this week. Have a great weekend everyone, I'm celebrating a very special first birthday. xx

Craft Room - before and after

Sunday, 18 September 2016

I'm so happy to finally be share some more of our home renovations with you. It's been a busy summer with builders coming and going (sometimes too much going) but I promise this room won't disappoint. This little room tucked away in the top of the house really didn't have much going for it -   it was dark (obvs) with the main window at floor level, sloping ceilings and rotten eaves. The serious reason behind getting more work done was our roof had no insulation plus there was still rot left in some of the eaves from 30 years of a leaking door/window we decided to put in a window to cut out the last of the rot.
Our builders did all the work so I can't offer any advice on the actual process, this and the room next to it were boarded up so we couldn't access the rooms whilst they were taking down all the walls and adding insulation. If you're doing any major building work with a baby around I would recommend getting 'the site' sealed off as much as possible, I found that nothing is more appealing to a baby than a room full of dangerous tools and piles of rubble!
As soon as I saw the new light in this room, I knew it'd make the perfect craft space. Over the summer I decided not to return to my office job so having a dedicated workspace away from the rest of the house was really important step in turning my hobby into a more sustainable career option. One of the guys doing the building offered to also paint the room, I'd normally do it myself but with free time being so limited I took him up on the offer which meant the room was done 100 times quicker. The only painting I did was the floorboards and skirting. I used three coats plus a primer of Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint (recommended to me by this lovely lady) and it turned out beautifully. It was a bit of a rush job but the white paint hides a multitude of sins and as we'd run out of money for proper flooring it made a brilliant cost effective alternative.
The best thing we did in this room, with the suggestion of our builder, was add a Velux Cabrio Balcony Window - it's seriously transformed this sad little room into a magical space. The window is almost full length and let's in so much light plus being south facing we now get the most incredible views of the sea. It wasn't in our initial budget but I'm glad we paid extra it's worth every single penny. 
To furnish I used a mix of pieces I already had, like the desk and shelving unit. I made the trestle work table which was so easy and added a few pieces from my furniture which I've been stock piling for days when renovations are over (the wicker chair and rug were both £1). I LOVE how this room has come together it's such a calm and inspiring place to spend time in.
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